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Casual City is a project I made for an university assignment.


A god. Everybody has a different picture in mind when they think about God, but in Casual City, you are God. Sort of. Watch over your customised procedurally generated city and all the little people that inhabit your world and simply relax while following them on their daily routines and listening to soothing elevator music. Or burn down some houses. You know, just do god stuff. You got this.

Your inhabitants will react to your actions, so while setting buildings ablaze might be a fun past-time activity, your people will immediately start putting out fires. After all, they do need places to live and work in. 

Have fun with your powers, learn your people's behaviours and just enjoy the show!


  • WASD or drag left mouse button: Move Camera
  • Q/E or drag right mouse button: Rotate Camera
  • R/F or Scrollwheel: Zoom
  • C: Reset Camera


I would love to hear what you think! Either comment here or message me on Discord (Lophee#4625) if you want. Don't be shy, feedback is always welcome :)

Known Issues

  • The villagers find their way to work fine, but most of them just follow a straight path when walking back home so they just magically walk through buildings, foliage, etc.
  • In rare cases, villagers fail to put out burning buildings.
  • Depending on your PC-specs, it might lag a little during rain.

Developer Notes

This project was a blast to work on. I worked together with an amazing friend that I study together with. Coming from a stressful Physics-Simulation (which I might upload some time as well, I don't know yet) with less than optimal organization from our university, it was nice to work both as a team and on a more fun project again. I had the privilege to work on this basically twice, the second time alone and really just focusing on adding features we didn't have time for in the first run and polishing the game more. This is one of the projects I made that I can look back to and be happy with the results. I might even continue working on this should I find myself with lots of free time in the future. There's still a ton of stuff I would like to add.

Legal stuff

All assets in this game are either free to use, already owned by me or made by us. No copyright infringement or any sort of violation intended. Should we have somehow missed any details, failed to mention any creators or used anything without permission, please contact us and we will sort it out ASAP.


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